Premier Li Keqiang will meet the press

浏览字号:        日期: 2019-03-13       【打印本页】  【关闭窗口】


Premier Li Keqiang will meet the accredited media and take questions from reporters after the conclusion of the Second Session of the 13th National People’s Congress, at approximately 10:30 am Friday, 15 March, at Golden Hall, third floor of the Great Hall of the People(GHP).

Accredited media are kindly requested to present both accreditation passes and invitations (due to number restrictions we are unable to extend the invite to plus ones).

Starting from 7:40am of the day, reporters would be able to access the south passage of the Eastern Entrance of the GHP.

Please note that free WiFi network is available at the venue.

责任编辑: 张晓霖