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Full Text: Work report of NPC Standing Committee
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  III. Deepening work related to deputies

  We took advantage of the opportunity created by implementing the amended Law on Deputies to People's Congresses to further strengthen and improve work related to deputies, support deputies in carrying out their responsibilities and duties in accordance with the law and ensure they do so, and get deputies to fully play their role in participating in the administration of state affairs.

  1. We steadfastly respected the principal position of deputies and diligently handled their bills and proposals.

  Nine special committees handled 566 bills of deputies referred to them by the Presidium of the Fourth Session of the Eleventh NPC. The Standing Committee has deliberated and passed 6 laws addressed in 15 of the bills; is deliberating 7 bills brought up in 69 of them; and has included 28 legislative items discussed in 84 of them in the legislative plan and agenda. The special committees worked hard to better handle these bills and made good use of them in their legislative work. For example, the Law concerning the Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases was amended to include deputies' proposals that the responsibilities of employers be clarified, trade unions play a bigger role, and workplace hygiene inspection be strengthened. Deputies made 8,043 suggestions which were referred to 177 organizations for study and handling. Eleven of them were selected as key suggestions on issues of great concern to the public and their handling was brought under the oversight of special committees. As of this moment 77% of the problems brought up by deputies in their suggestions have been solved or plans have been made for solving them. Remarkable progress has been made in handling a number of suggestions in such areas as supporting the development of major grain-producing areas, tightening oversight of food safety, and developing services for the elderly.

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Source: Xinhua 2012-3-18Editor: Shen
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