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Full Text: Report on the Work of the Government
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We learned many valuable lessons in our experiences over the last five years. The main ones are as follows:

First, we must continue to liberate our thinking. Liberating our thinking and following a realistic and pragmatic approach is the Party's ideological line. We must proceed from reality in everything we do, eliminate superstition, break the shackles of outdated ideas, respect the people's pioneering spirit, boldly explore new ways, take concrete action, be creative, and keep up with the times to ensure that the cause of socialist modernization retains its great vitality.

Second, we must steadfastly apply the Scientific Outlook on Development. This is a major strategic concept for developing socialism with Chinese characteristics and an important guiding principle for China's economic and social development. We must continue to take development as the top priority, concentrate on changing the way the economy develops, and adjust the economic structure to improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth. We must always put people first, attach great importance to overall planning, and promote comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development. Only by thoroughly applying the Scientific Outlook on Development can we achieve sound and rapid economic and social development and promote social harmony.

Third, we must adhere to the reform and opening up policy. Reform and opening up is a major and crucial choice that is shaping the destiny of contemporary China. We need to unswervingly promote reform in economic and political institutions, develop socialist democracy, improve the socialist market economy, liberate and develop the productive forces, promote social fairness and justice, and achieve all-round personal development. Opening up is also a kind of reform, and a nation cannot become strong if it is not open and inclusive. We must continue to pursue reform and opening up throughout the course of socialist modernization and never deviate from this policy.

Fourth, we must continue to exercise effective macroeconomic regulation. Both macroeconomic regulation and market forces are components of the socialist market economy. We need to make better use of the basic role of market forces in allocating resources, revitalize enterprises and improve their competitive edge. At the same time, we need to improve macroeconomic regulation, continue to carry out macroeconomic regulation mainly through economic and legal means, and get the complete range of government policies to fully play their role. We must continue to deal with each situation on its own merits, encourage growth in some sectors and discourage it in others as the situation requires, and refrain from taking a uniform approach to different situations or putting on the brakes without good reason. We must continue to draw lessons from our experiences, make policy adjustments as needed and be result-oriented. We must integrate the use of market forces with macroeconomic regulation in order to ensure that the economy remains vigorous, performs well, and develops in a sustainable, healthy and balanced way.

Fifth, we must continue to run the government for the people. All the power of the government comes from the people, and running the government for them is a lofty mission of governments at all levels. We must never forget that serving the people wholeheartedly is our purpose, and make sure that the aim and outcome of the work of the government is to fulfill, safeguard and develop the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of people. We need to attach greater importance to ensuring the wellbeing of the people and improving their lives, in particular showing concern for urban and rural residents with low incomes and helping them make ends meet in their daily lives, in order to ensure that all of the people share in the fruits of reform and development. We must always keep in mind that everything belongs to the people, do everything for their benefit, rely on them in everything we do and attribute all our successes to their efforts. Only by doing so can we enjoy the broadest and most reliable support from the people and draw from them the strength for ensuring success in all our endeavors.

Sixth, we must continue to run the government in accordance with the law. Abiding by the Constitution and laws is a fundamental principle for all the work of the government. We need to exercise our power and perform our functions and responsibilities within the jurisdiction stipulated by law and in accordance with legal procedures, improve government legislative work, standardize administrative law enforcement, improve administrative oversight, develop law-based government and enhance our ability to carry out administrative functions in accordance with the law. We must ensure that government administration fully complies with the law, that power comes with responsibility, that there is proper oversight on the exercise of power, that reparation is paid for infringement of rights, that any violation of the law is prosecuted, and that power is exercised in a transparent manner. This is the only way to ensure that the power entrusted to us by the people is always exercised in their interests.

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