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Full Text: Report on the Work of the Government
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8. Stepping up development of socialist democracy and the socialist legal system and promoting social fairness and justice.

We will deepen reform of political institutions and advance socialist political standards. We will expand people's democracy, improve democratic institutions, diversify its forms and expand its channels, and we will carry out democratic elections, decision-making, administration and oversight in accordance with the law to ensure the people's rights to stay informed about, to participate in, to express views on, and to oversee government affairs. We will develop democracy at the community level, improve the system of governance by the people at the community level, expand the scope of their autonomy, strengthen urban and rural communities, and make the running of governments, villages and factories more transparent. We will bring into play the positive role of civic organizations in expanding public participation in government affairs and voicing the concerns of the people to improve the ability of society to govern itself.

We will fully adhere to the rule of law as a fundamental principle. We will step up the drafting of proposed legislation by the government and improve the quality of such legislation. The drafting of such legislation this year will focus on improving people's lives, promoting social development, conserving energy and resources, and protecting the ecosystem. In the course of doing so, we need to seek views from many sources. In principle, we will release drafts to the public to solicit their opinions when formulating all administrative rules and regulations that bear on the interests of the people. We will appropriately delineate and adjust the powers and duties of administrative law enforcement agencies, and strengthen oversight and fully implement the responsibility system for administrative law enforcement. We will improve the system of government administration in accordance with the law at the municipal and county levels. We will ensure that administrative charges are collected in a standardized way and reform and improve the mechanism for ensuring adequate funding for the judicial system and for law enforcement. We will improve the filing and inspection procedures for laws, rules, regulations and regulatory documents. Systems of administrative review and administrative compensation and reparation will be improved. We will ensure that people have adequate access to legal services and assistance. We will increase publicity and education concerning the law in order to create a good social environment in which the people conscientiously study, abide by and apply the law.

We will improve public administration. We will increase efforts to improve civic organizations and improve the system of public administration at the community level. We will do a good job handling complaints in the form of letters and visits from the public and improve the system for handling complaints. We will improve the mechanism for mediating social tensions and properly handle problems among the people to protect their legitimate rights and interests. We will improve the public security system for the prevention and control of crime, maintain law and order through a full range of measures and launch intensive campaigns to ensure public security. We will reform and intensify community policing in both urban and rural areas and improve services for and management of the floating population. Focusing on addressing serious public security issues and improving conditions in areas with poor public order, we will work to prevent crime and crack down on crime and illegal activities in accordance with the law to protect people's lives and property and ensure social stability. We will redouble our efforts to safeguard national security.

We will strengthen efforts to ensure workplace safety. We will work harder to prevent serious and major accidents by addressing their root causes. We will consolidate and build upon progress in bringing coalmine gas buildup under control, improve coalmine safety and shut down coalmines that do not meet safety standards. We will continue to carry out campaigns to address safety problems in key industries and areas. We will work harder to identify and eliminate hidden perils, and improve the system for controlling major hazards and monitoring major sources of danger and the system for forecasting, giving early warning, preventing, responding to and mitigating disasters. We will tighten oversight for workplace safety in accordance with the law and rigorously investigate industrial accidents and prosecute those responsible for them.

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