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Full Text: Report on the Work of the Government
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7. Deepening the reform of the cultural management system and promoting the vigorous development and enrichment of culture.

We will further implement and improve the policies and measures to reform the cultural management system, promote cultural innovation, strengthen cultural improvement work, safeguard the basic cultural rights and interests of the people, and promote a flourishing cultural market to meet the people's ever-increasing and varied cultural needs. We will continue to educate the people in the latest advances in adapting Marxism to Chinese conditions, foster a common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics among the people, strongly promote a national spirit centered on patriotism and a spirit of the times centered on reform and innovation, and extensively promote education in the socialist concept of honor and disgrace. We will develop a culture of harmony, carry out the program for improving civic morality and foster civilized social conduct. Particular attention will be paid to cultivating ideals and ethics among young people. Extensive campaigns will be launched to encourage civilized behavior. We will maintain the orientation of serving the people and socialism and fully adhere to the principle of letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend. We will develop philosophy and the social sciences. We will promote the vigorous development of the press and publishing, radio, film and television, literature and the arts. We will encourage the production of excellent cultural works. We will increase government funding to accelerate development of a system of public cultural services for the whole society and to promote development of basic public benefit cultural programs, particularly the building of more cultural facilities in urban communities and villages. We will accelerate development of multipurpose community centers in towns and townships. We will work on the projects to set up a national shared databank of cultural information and resources, extend radio and television coverage to all villages, and set up reading rooms and show movies in rural areas. All public museums, memorial halls and exhibition centers of a nonprofit nature will stop charging admission fees this year or next year. We will improve the policy for developing the culture sector and speed up development of bases for the culture industry and clusters of cultural industries with regional features. We will strengthen efforts to develop and manage Internet culture. We will ensure order in the cultural market and continue to combat pornography and illegal publications. We will strengthen protection of our national cultural heritage. We will expand cultural exchanges with other countries. We will step up development of public sports facilities in both urban and rural areas, launch extensive public fitness programs and raise the level of competitive sports.

The 2008 Olympics and Paralympics will be held in Beijing. All sons and daughters of the Chinese nation are looking forward to them, and they will be of great importance in promoting China's economic and social development and increasing friendship and cooperation between Chinese people and the peoples of other countries. We will prepare for and organize the Games well, strengthen cooperation with the international community, and create an excellent environment to ensure that the Games are a unique, well-run sporting event.

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