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Premier asks public to supervise government

Posted: 2013-March-17
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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Sunday that he is willing to accept supervision from the society and media on clean governance.

If one takes public office, he or she should cut off any expectation for getting rich, Li told a press conference after the conclusion of the annual session of China's legislature.

"Corruption is incompatible to reputation of the government, like fire to water," Li said, emphasizing the Chinese government has the resolve to fight corruption.

The new Chinese premier also promised to win the trust from the people by practising frugality in government spending.

"Within my tenure, the government will not use public coffer to construct new offices, halls or guest houses for the government use," Li said.

He also ensured that the number of government employees, spending on official hospitality, overseas trips for official purposes and purchases of official vehicles will be reduced.

"The central government will set an example and governments at all levels must follow suit," he said.

Source: XinhuaEditor: oulin
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