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Deouty Tan Jing: Enjoy a cultural blend

Posted: 2013-March-16
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The "Chinese culture going global" project needs vigorous national support and the joint effort of many an artists, said globally renowned soprano and NPC deputy from the PLA delegation Tan Jing during an exclusive interview with right before the gathering of the fifth plenary meeting of the first session of the 12th National People's Congress on March 15, 2013.

Many foreigners take a great interest in Chinese folk music and traditional Chinese culture, Tan has learned from her years of performing both at home and abroad. After she brought the melodious folk songs from Shanxi Province, where she was born, to the world stage, audiences clapped and cheered, Tan recalled.

Tan also pointed out that Chinese folk music performed by a western orchestra struck an amazing a chord with foreign audiences. "Once I was singing at London's Royal Albert Hall accompanied by an overseas orchestra, the audience eventually sang, swung and danced with us in this festive atmosphere," she said with a tone of both delight and excitement. Chinese folk music blended with a western approach to performing can provoke a stronger response as the work caters better to the taste of foreign audiences, she stated.

"I hope the process of intergrating Chinese and western culture can be accelerated through the joint efforts of many influential artists," Tan said. "My personal ability is limited." Currently, Tan has been studying for her doctorate, majoring in comparative literature and cross-culture communication as to learn more western knowledge and display Chinese music to world audiences in a better way, according to her.

Source: oulin
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