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What role does the People's Congress system play in the life of the people of China?
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  The People's Congress system exists to exercise state power on behalf of the people. Its role in the life of the people of China may be outlined as follows.

  The People's Congress system as a whole is a mechanism for the exercise of state power. The National People's Congress (NPC) is the highest organ of state power. In addition various local people's congresses operate at the local levels. The system is legitimized by the Constitution and the law. It is through the people's congresses that the Chinese people exercise their right to govern their country.

  The People's Congress is an arm of the state. The Constitution and the law entrust the people's congresses with specific key responsibilities. Like many other executive bodies such as government, judicial and procuratorial organs, they deal with many routine matters.

  The National People's Congress and some local people's congresses are charged with law-making responsibilities. The NPC addresses the major issues at national level while local people's congresses have decision making responsibilities at their own administrative levels.

  Congresses discharge responsibilities concerning government agencies at their own local or national level. These include deciding on the selection, appointment and if necessary the dismissal of those who lead or serve in such agencies. They perform a supervisory role with respect to the work of other government agencies. It is also their responsibility to ensure that the Constitution and laws are enforced.

  Each People's Congress is a representative body. The National People's Congress (NPC) and local people's congresses are established through democratic elections so that they can be both responsible to and supervised by the people. People's congresses at all levels keep in close touch with the population at large so that they can actively reflect their opinions and be informed by their collective wisdom. They proactively seek to represent the will and the interests of the people in a very real and practical way.

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