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Interview: Top legislator's visit to Luxembourg highlight of bilateral ties: Chinese ambassador
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  BRUSSELS, May 21 (Xinhua) -- Chinese top legislator Wu Bangguo's visit to Luxembourg would be a highlight of four decades of diplomatic relations between the two countries, said China's ambassador to the country.

  This is the first visit by a Chinese NPC (National People's Congress) standing Committee chairman to Luxembourg, and also a visit of highest rank Chinese leaders in recent years, said Ambassador Zeng Xianqi in an interview ahead of Wu's visit.

  Luxembourg, as a founding member of the EU, has played a unique role in the bloc, Zeng said.

  Zeng added that Luxembourg has attached great importance to this visit, with Henri Grand Duke, President of the Chamber of Deputies Laurent Mosar, and Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker all scheduled to meet Wu to exchange views with him on deepening cooperation between the two countries.

  In another interview, Mosar told Xinhua that he was looking forward to meeting Wu.

  Sino-Luxembourgian relations have been sound "both in governmental level and parliamentary level," Mosar said, noting that the exchanges between the two countries are "frequent and in-depth."

  Despite differences in terms of development level and country's scale, the bilateral relationship has always been smooth, steady and developing in a practical way, Zeng stressed.

  Covering an area of 2,586 square meters, Luxembourg has a population of over half a million. A highly developed economy, the country boasts the highest GDP per capita in Europe and second-highest in the world in 2010.

  Zeng said that the Wu's visit would consolidate the bilateral relationship, enhance mutual trust, expand consensus, deepen cooperation, and greatly contribute to the development of Sino-Luxembourgian ties.

Source: Xinhua 2012-05-21Editor: Shen
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