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Declaration of the Fifth Asia-Europe Parliamentary Partnership Meeting
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Further strengthening the Asia-Europe Parliamentary Partnership

34. ASEP parliamentarians shared the view that the second decade for ASEM is an important period to deepen the ASEM process, and called on ASEM partners to further enhance dialogue and cooperation in political, economic, social and cultural areas, to enable people in Asia and Europe to benefit more from such cooperation. ASEP parliamentarians also supported measures taken by ASEM partners to raise the profile and influence of ASEM and win broader public recognition and support.

35. ASEP parliamentarians stressed the need for closer links between ASEP and ASEM, and reiterated their readiness to contribute to the advancement of the ASEM process. 36. All delegates to ASEP V expressed their sincere appreciation to the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China, host of the Meeting, and Chairman Wu Bangguo, President of the Meeting.

37. ASEP parliamentarians agreed to hold the 6th ASEP Meeting in 2010 in Belgium and looked forward to their reunion in two years’ time.

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