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List of ministerial members of China's Cabinet
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The following is a list of ministerial members of China's State Council approved Monday afternoon at the seventh plenary meeting of the First Session of the 11th National People's Congress:

1. Yang Jiechi: minister of foreign affairs;

2. Liang Guanglie: minister of national defense;

3. Zhang Ping: minister in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission;

4. Zhou Ji: minister of education;

5. Wan Gang: minister of science and technology;

6. Li Yizhong: minister of industry and information;

7. Yang Jing: minister in charge of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission;

8. Meng Jianzhu: minister of public security;

9. Geng Huichang: minister of state security;

10. Ma Wen: minister of supervision;

11. Li Xueju: minister of civil affairs;

12. Wu Aiying: minister of justice;

13. Xie Xuren: minister of finance;

14. Yin Weimin: minister of human resources and social security;

15. Xu Shaoshi: minister of land and resources;

16. Jiang Weixin: minister of housing and urban-rural construction;

17. Liu Zhijun: minister of railways;

18. Li Shenglin: minister of transport;

19. Chen Lei: minister of water resources;

20. Sun Zhengcai: minister of agriculture;

21. Zhou Shengxian: minister of environmental protection;

22. Chen Deming: minister of commerce;

23. Cai Wu: minister of culture

24. Chen Zhu: minister of health;

25. Li Bin: minister in charge of the State Population and Family Planning Commission;

26. Zhou Xiaochuan: governor of the People's Bank of China;

27. Liu Jiayi: auditor-general of the National Audit Office.

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