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China's Political System: Residents say whole-process democracy brings sense of participation and achievement
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Lawmaking may seem like something far outside the lives of most citizens. But at community-level contact stations set up by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, or NPC, residents can offer suggestions and be heard by the country's top legislator. CGTN's Gao Ang visits one in Shanghai to find out more.

Noyan Rona is a Turkish banker in Shanghai and an avid participant in public life. Having lived in Shanghai for 25 years, Rona has offered suggestions on traffic regulation, waste management and environmental protection for his community in Changning district.

NOYAN RONA Chief Representative, Shanghai Representative Office, Garanti Bank "And after all that it is you feel that you are the part of this community or you are the part of this city,this history and this country."

And it's not only Rona. The community has foreigners from about 50 countries and areas. Along with Chinese residents, they offer advice or even criticism on different matters of concern.

NOYAN RONA Chief Representative, Shanghai Representative Office, Garanti Bank "We are all trying to make our life better here."

It all happens at a grassroots contact station set up by the NPC Committee, the country's top legislator. This one in Changning district was part of the first batch. Besides everyday matters, draft laws are sent here, so citizens can discuss them and have their opinions heard by lawmakers.

LIU XU Founder, Shanghai RoarPanda Network Technology "We had a consultation meeting at this site back then. I put forward about seven suggestions and two of them were adopted in the original text.

Liu Xu is a veteran and founder of a tech startup. Two of his suggestions have been written into a law protecting the rights of veterans.

LIU XU Founder, Shanghai RoarPanda Network Technology "Democracy has a sense of gain. When you actually participated, your opinions were adopted by the top legislator and the law is now in effect. The sentence I wrote is now in the law and I feel a true sense of participation.”

The site has hosted consultations for almost 60 draft laws and involved more than 9000 people. Liu says their suggestions will be directly sent to the top legislator without any changes.

LIU XU Founder, Shanghai RoarPanda Network Technology "In fact, it has opened up one so-called through train. Your opinion will go directly to the NPC Standing Committee without going through intermediate procedures. I think it is very rare."

Liu says the consultations invite people from different industries to share their insight.

GAO ANG Shanghai "Residents of Changning District say participating in the decision making process whether for state affairs or everyday issues gives them a sense of achievement and also guarantees a democratic society. GAO ANG, CGTN, Shanghai."

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