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Introduction of the System of People's Congress

The system of people's congresses is the basic political system of China. The Constitution of the People's Republic of China prescribes that all power of the state belongs to the people. The National People's Congress(NPC)and local people's congresses at all levels are the organs through which the people exercise state power. The people's congresses at all levels are constituted through democratic elections, and they are responsible to the people and subject to their oversight. The administrative, judicial and procuratorial organs of the state are created by the people's congresses, to which they are responsible and by which they are overseen.

The First Session of the First NPC held in Beijing on September15,1954,symbolizes the systematic nationwide establishment of the system of people's congresses. Events over the past 50 years have proven that this system conforms to the conditions in China and can effectively guarantee that state power is always held by the people.This system has already become deeply rooted in China's land and among its people. As China advances, this system will surely be improved and developed.