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Work report of NPC Standing Committee

Posted: 2011-March-18
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  III. Successfully doing routine work while focusing on the central tasks of the Standing Committee

  1. Deputies played a bigger role.

  The Standing Committee steadfastly took handling the proposals and suggestions of deputies as an important link in supporting deputies and ensuring they can exercise their duties in accordance with the law. Through the concerted efforts of all sides, we completed the handling of all 506 proposals made by deputies and referred to us by the Presidium of the Third Session of the Eleventh NPC. Seven laws mentioned in 71 proposals have been adopted by the Standing Committee; we are deliberating a draft law that was brought up in a proposal; and 41 legislative items set forth in 144 proposals have been included in annual or long-term legislative plans. Deputies made 7,590 suggestions, criticisms and comments, of which 76.7% have been resolved or there are plans for resolving them. We have strengthened follow-up oversight of the handling of deputies' suggestions to ensure they are dealt with. We have facilitated the resolution of a number of problems affecting the people's wellbeing, such as how to protect the ecology of grasslands and increase herdsmen's incomes, ensure safe drinking water in Xihaigu, Ningxia, and properly resettle people displaced for ecological reasons, and this work has been acknowledged by deputies. Over the past year, we held nine training sessions attended by over 1,900 deputies, organized more than 1,800 deputies to conduct research on special topics, and invited over 500 deputies to attend meetings of the Standing Committee and NPC special committees as non-voting observers and to participate in Standing Committee investigations of compliance with laws. Deputies who attended the meetings as non-voting observers and took part in other activities carefully prepared in advance, actively contributed to the discussions and fully reported the opinions of the people, thus playing an important role in improving the quality of the work of the Standing Committee.

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Source: Xinhua 2011-03-18Editor: Shen
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